Curb Appeal Beyond Paint and Clean Windows

Curb appeal is literally your home’s calling card. Any astute real estate broker will advise curb appeal’s importance esp. in todays connected world where the front image of your residence by way of the marketing and even Google Earth can be seen by thousands of eyeballs.

Landscaping is an important component of curb appeal especially during the spring and summer selling season. As I advise sellers, consider the visual of your residence as a 3-D magazine advertisement.

For those in single family and duplex homes, be sure rake and clear away debris off your lawn. While you may have always managed your lawn personally, if considering selling consider investing in a service to ensure your lawn is pristine. This includes seeding bare spots (including those areas of burnt grass where the dog urinates) and of course weeding.

If you have a sprinkler system consider replacing your older sprinkler heads with new, water-efficient heads for about $5 each. Replacing sprinkler heads is a pretty straightforward job and one we can promote in the marketing material. Even within Denver County where water rates are reasonable, buyers are looking for efficiency and cost savings.

Trees and shrubs should be pruned and trimmed to be attractive and showing the property has been well-maintained. Yet be aware some trees should not be pruned until they are dormant, thus before pulling out the shears, check with an tree specialist. If you have mature trees on your property, of course hire a professional who will not only trim but will shape as well. Be sure landscaping and trees do not impact the residence, always an issue in inspections.

Finally if you live in a condo or multifamily, yet the above applies to you as well. Make sure your HOA is on top of landscaping and maintenance. Condos too have curb appeal. While the downtown high-rise may have planters which constitute the landscaping, many condos in residential neighborhoods will have landscaping in keeping with the urban fabric and landscape design of the neighborhood. If buyers see a well-kept yard, they are more likely to have a positive impression of the overall building and HOA.


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