Mad Men Personified in Hilltop Listing

I am always on the look out for the unique, interesting and overall conversation worthy. While mid-century modern has been in vogue for the last 5-10 years and of course the Krishna Park neighborhood of Denver is full of mid-century gems, I recently ran across a listing in the Hilltop neighborhood, another repository for mid-century modern homes.

280 S. Grape Street would easily be transplanted to the Hollywood Hills. With its open floor plan, geometric design, large plate glass windows and sprawling land area, the home was and continues to evoke the ethos of the blending of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

With over 4,000 finished SF and a large 9,000+ SF lot, some lucky buyer will truly enjoy what is definitely one of the finest examples of a mid-century designed home within the Hilltop neighborhood. From the beamed ceilings and kitchen layout,  one could easily see Julius Shulman and his box camera shooting the interior and exterior.

Granted the location just north of Alameda Avenue may be a deterrent to some prospective purchasers. However from experience (and having an Arquitectoncia designed residence backing to Colorado Boulevard), there are always tradeoffs. While Alameda does carry traffic with well designed plantings along the south property line coupled with the north oriented yard, the next owner will be the envy of many mid-century modern fans.

Bring the high-ball glasses, the bar cart, some narrow lapeled jackets and blast some Etta James on vinyl via some  AR speakers and I will bring the appropriate cocktail snacks.


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