Denver a Bargain? Check out the link to these Studios In New York City

Yes, it is a fact Denver is not inexpensive; some statistics advise Denver is the most expensive city concerning real-estate not on a coast line. Now, granted, 1/2 the population of the United States lives within 50 miles of a coastline but not wanting to split hairs.

With that advised, the following is a fascinating read:

New York City’s Priciest Studio Apartments

With the prices quoted, trust me I can find you some truly spectacular options in Denver and the suburbs. Granted I may not be able to provide the 24 hr. doorman however I’ll throw in a video entry system.

BTW: the studio pictured above is 23′ by 9.5′ or approx 218 SF the size of a typical cruise ship cabin. While even small by NYC standards, would be considered living large in Hong Kong.


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