Super Bowl Winners and their Home Values

Not sure what a statitician can interpret from the following: a review of past and present winners of the Super Bowl and the average housing value for their city/region. Of note for New England I used Boston SMA as a basis for valuation.

Super Bowl               Winner          Average Home Value 2015

I                                   Green Bay      $117,800

II                                 Green Bay      $117,800

III                                NY Jets            $610,700

IV                                Kansas City    $107,800

V                                  Baltimore       $109,700

VI                                Dallas              $134,200

VII                               Miami             $290,500

VIII                              Miami             $290,500

IX                                Pittsburg        $106,100


X                                  Pittsburg        $106,100

XI                                Oakland          $579,900

XII                               Dallas              $134,200

XIII                              Pittsburg        $106,100

XIV                              Pittsburg        $106,100

XV                               Oakland          $579,900

XVI                              San Francisco $1,118,600

XVII                             Washington   $497,800

XVIII                           Los Angeles    $562,800

XIX                              San Francisco $1,118,600

XX                               Chicago           $199,500


XXI                              NY Giants       $610,700

XXII                             Washington   $497,800

XXIII                           San Francisco $1,118,600

XIV                              San Francisco $1,118,600

XXV                             NY Giants       $610,700

XXVI                            Washington   $497,800

XXVII                          Dallas              $134,200

XXVIII                         Dallas              $134,200

XXIX                            San Francisco $1,118,600


XXX                             Dallas              $134,200

XXXI                            Green Bay      $117,800

XXXII                          Denver           $330,000

XXXIII                         Denver           $330,000

XXXIV                         St. Louis          $101,800

XXXV                           Baltimore       $109,700

XXXVI                         New England $478,000

XXXVII                        Tampa           $154,000

XXXVIII                       New England $478,000

XXXIX                         New England $478,000


XL                                Pittsburg        $106,100

XLI                              Indianapolis   $130,100

XLII                             NY Giants       $610,700

XLIII                            Pittsburg        $106,100

XLIV                            New Orleans  $339,740

XLV                             Green Bay      $117,800

XLVI                            NY Giants       $610,700

XLVII                           Baltimore       $109,700

XLVIII                         Seattle             $530,100

XLIX                            New England $478,000

L                                  Denver           $330,000




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